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One factor that makes investing in the stock market especially challenging is the sheer volume of available information. Extending far beyond what most humans are capable of assessing, this makes it difficult for anyone to quickly adapt to changing investment trends and themes. It is also why seasoned professionals tend to focus on elements that are essential to their particular approach.
That said, if there was a way to combine the perspectives of a broad cross-section of investors, it should be possible to devise a winning strategy for all market conditions. In many respects, this is precisely the rationale underpinning the AQM2 approach. Powered by big-data analytics, machine-learning methodologies, and AI algorithms, AQM2’s cutting-edge technology works as if dozens of top investors had joined forces to formulate a winning strategy, creating innumerable opportunities to enhance performance and reduce risk.


The stock market is a complex system that rests on the interplay between emotions and ideas, where price movements often appear random and enigmatic. To identify attractive opportunities, investors find it necessary to break the market down into its constituent parts.

However, the market’s complexity and scale can make this seem like an impossible task. Even those who with extensive investment knowledge and experience often have little choice but to focus on strategies that incorporate a limited range of factors, making it difficult to optimize performance in an ever-changing world.

Pursuing Alpha
& Beta

Conventional wisdom dictates that when we are faced with making choices regarding complex systems based on human capabilities alone, we end up making assessments about the whole based on what we can discern from only some of the parts.

However, such an approach often proves self-limiting, especially in the financial arena. It tends to engender a reversion to the mean — and performance that proves no better than that of the broad market over time.

But AQM2’s AI helps bypass such constraints. Incorporating big-data analysis and machine-learning methodologies that enable investors to analyze and formularize myriad movements and crosscurrents, including those driven by the smart money at the market’s frontiers, and identify opportunities to optimize performance.


Using AQM2’s cutting-edge AI engine, it is possible to enhance and expand upon processes that have historically relied on extensive human interaction, including stock selection, portfolio construction and rebalancing, and trade execution.

These augmented capabilities can help boost long-term returns, mitigate market risk, and dampen volatility, regardless of the economic, financial and operating landscape.